Regulated trades

Trades are skilled jobs that typically require manual skills and special training. Some trades are regulated. This means that they are governed by set standards that promote quality work and skill excellence among people working in that particular trade.

To work in a regulated trade in Alberta, you must be registered with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). AIT is responsible for administering laws and regulations governing work in the trades.

List of regulated trades

Regulated trades have an apprenticeship program and are listed below. These links will take you to an occupational profile, which contains information about:

  • duties
  • salaries
  • working conditions
  • advancement opportunities
  • personal characteristics and educational qualifications you need to succeed


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Optional certification trades

When a trade is designated, it has either a compulsory or optional certification. A worker in a compulsory certification trade is a registered apprentice or a certified journeyperson.

A worker in an optional certification trade can work for an employer who is satisfied that person has the skills and knowledge expected of a certified journeyperson. A non-certified worker in an optional certification trade can also supervise and train apprentices on the job.

However, anyone learning an optional certification trade must become a registered apprentice.

List of optional certification trades

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