Online tools

Use the following online tools:

  • Immigrating tools - these tools allow you to check your eligibility for different immigration options under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Online sessions - register to view live or pre-recorded webinars about obtaining permanent residence or retaining foreign workers through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Working tools - these tools let you research your occupation in Alberta and search for jobs
  • Living tools - these tools help you learn more about living in Alberta, research the province's urban and rural communities and find settlement services such as language training

Immigrating tools

Skilled worker self-assessment

Find out if you might be eligible to apply to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) Employer Stream by taking the Skilled Worker Category self assessment.

International graduate self-assessment

Find out if you might be eligible to apply to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) Employer Stream by taking the International Graduate Category self assessment.

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Online sessions

The Government of Alberta offers a variety of online sessions you can attend for more information on how to immigrate to Alberta. Register for an upcoming session or view a recorded session on-demand 24/7. You must register to attend or view a recorded session.

Upcoming online sessions

Foreign workers
There are no new online sessions scheduled at this time. Register to view one of our recorded online information sessions.


Recorded online sessions

Foreign workers
Stay in Alberta Permanently: Skilled worker category
Recorded August 2, 2012
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Stay in Alberta Permanently: Semi-skilled worker category
Recorded November 13, 2012
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Options for Permanent Residence: All categories
Discover which immigration program is best for you as we provide information on both federal and provincial immigration programs.
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Alberta employers
Hiring and Retaining Foreign Workers: All categories
Recorded March 19, 2013
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Retain Your Foreign Workers: Skilled worker category
Recorded August 8, 2012 
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How to keep your semi-skilled temporary foreign workers in Alberta
Recorded November 14, 2012
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United States as a Labour Source
Recorded November 28, 2012
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International students
How to apply to the AINP International Graduate Category
Recorded March 13, 2013
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Working tools

Working in Canada tool

The Working in Alberta tool can help you make well-informed decisions about where to live and work by producing a report that contains information on:

  • job descriptions
  • wages
  • skills
  • language training
  • job opportunities based on your training, experience and needs.

Occupation accrediton information

Is your profession or trade regulated in Alberta? See regulated professions and regulated trades for regulatory organization information and guides on how to become accredited to work in your occupation in Alberta.

IQAS application tutorial

Watch the IQAS application tutorial to learn about getting a fair and accurate evaluation of your education compared with Canadian education standards.

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Living tools

Interactive map of Alberta

The Alberta interactive map is an easy and fun way for you to learn about what makes Alberta a great place to live, work and play.

Using videos, links to informative websites, web tools, pictures and descriptive content, the Alberta Interactive Map gives you the opportunity to discover Alberta.

Newcomer settlement services finder

Use the newcomer settlement services tool to find services and supports in your new community that can help you:

  • improve your English
  • search for a job
  • research educational and career opportunities
  • connect with cultural support groups
  • upgrade your skills
  • and more

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