Quality of life

Alberta is one of the best provinces in which to live, work and visit. Albertans enjoy a superior quality of life for a number of reasons:

One of the strongest economies in Canada with countless business and career opportunities

  • Alberta's favourable business environment encourages investment and allows companies and industries to compete and succeed.
  • Low taxes, skilled workforce and modern infrastructure provide additional advantages.
  • Alberta businesses benefit from having among the lowest corporate income taxes in Canada
  • There are no general payroll or capital taxes.

An affordable cost of living

  • Albertans pay low personal income taxes.
  • Alberta has the lowest top marginal income tax rate and the highest basic and spousal deductions in Canada.
  • Alberta is the only province with no provincial sales tax.
  • Albertans benefit from having among the lowest taxes on gasoline.
  • Albertans pay among the lowest property taxes in Canada.

A sophisticated healthcare environment

Albertans enjoy a publicly administered and funded healthcare system that guarantees universal access to necessary hospital and medical services.

  • Alberta maintains a sophisticated healthcare environment through leading-edge research, technology and clinical skills.
  • Alberta provides many health services in addition to those required under the Canada Health Act.
  • The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan gives Alberta residents full coverage. Albertans do not pay for medically necessary procedures or physician fees.

Albertans quality of life is also influenced by:

Economic resources

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Health resources

Alberta Health and Wellness
Alberta Health and Wellness develops and ensures compliance with health care policy in Alberta.
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Health Services delivers healthcare programs and services to Albertans.
Health Link Alberta
Health Link Alberta is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week nurse telephone advice and health information service.